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Ivan Li

Hey there 👋

Welcome to my personal slice of the internet. The purpose of this place is to showcase some things I've worked on and also to occassionally write about tech stuff for my three loyal subscribers to consume.

🏡  I am from Brooklyn, New York.

👨‍💻  I'm a web developer with an eye for design.

💻  I love electronics & computer hardware.

🚗  Sometimes I pretend to be a car mechanic.

🐟  I greatly enjoy caring for my home aquarium.

I am often available to take on contract work. Check out the projects page on the top right to preview some stuff I've worked on in the past. I can be reached at ivansaur@gmail for inquiries.

Latest Notes

Conway's Game of Life
An exercise in react.js & hooks

Using crontab in OSX
automatically recurring scripts on a mac

Domain Name System
getting from to